Dolby "ATMOS" surround sound.....

Has anyone heard of this Dolby ATMOS surround sound in theaters and will it be incorporated to our homes in the future.......I hope so........

Regards Bacardi
I actually got a newsletter via e-mail from "Home Theater Review" about this Dolby Atmos Surround Sound. It stated it was used in the Disney Pixar movie "BRAVE" and sounded spectacular. It ups the configurable channels to 64 in a movie theater. We could see it in near future....Who knows???
There is a theater in nearby Burbank, CA that equipped with it and is showing "BRAVE". I'm going to try and see it this weekend just to hear it. I'm sure it's going to be awesome. However, I can't see it ever making it to home cinema. I believe given the space limitations in typical thome theaters, they are already maxed-out with the number of speakers one could put in a home theater. Then there is the problem with new pre-pros adding extra channels. Also, will there be enough movies encoded with the format to make home theater enthusiasts want to re-tool with a new pre-pro and additional speakers. This new format seems to be the province of commercial theaters only. Even in commercial applications, there are only a few theaters equipped to play this format. I don't think home theater will ever see it.
64 channels? This is starting to sound like the old Steve Martin bit:

"I bought a Stereo! Wow! With two speakers!
But then I heard the quad with the four speakers and I was like, this is it, so I got rid of the stereo and got the quad.
I’m listening to this thing and I’m like 'Hey this sounds like ****!'
So, I got rid of that and got the dodecaphonic with 12 speakers.
This was more to my liking…for a while. But the ear gets pretty sophisticated pretty fast and I got rid of that and got the milliphonic with the 1,000 speakers.
And I’m listening to that one and I’m like, 'Hey, this sounds like *** too!
So, I traded that in and got the googlephonic, which is the highest number of speakers you can have before infinity.
Sounds like ***!
So, then I said, 'Hey, maybe it’s the needle!'"