Does Shunyata Hydra sound best with just one unit

I'm curious if the Shunyata Hydra power conditioners sound better with just one component plugged into them? When I plug more than one component into my PS Audio Ultimate Outlets and PS Audio UPC 200's the sound becomes more congested, there's less resolution and the fatigue factor increases. Sadly, I suspect it's universal that power cords function better when they're not being hogged by two or more components. Here I am with all this PS Audio conditioning equipment and I'm only using one outlet in each of them. Is it possible there's a conditioner on the market which will allow me to use several of my components without compromising sound?

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In regards to the Hydra could it support a Threshold SA/4e power amplifier? The ratings on the Threshold is 30amps continuous and 130 amps peak?
Tvad -
Threshold SA/4e specs are clearly stated in print in both in the owners operation manual and service manual. Also even states in my original Threshold brochures.
"30 amps continuous and 130 amps peak".

The Threshold SA/4e power amplifier is Pure Class A and will drive any speaker out there. I've owned some pretty ineficient speakers like Apogee Divas, Sonus Faber Extremas, etc. in the past and the Threshold SA/4e easily drives them. In fact there is a Threshold SA/4e for sale. But personally does not look authentic. The SA/4e has gold accents with an oval cut out face plate for the model number. The person on Audiogon may have what you can call a chop-shop Threshold SA/4e. I emailed the seller and they are trying to contact the original owner.
Thank you Tvad and everyone who chimed in.
Audiogon is good education too.