Does anyone make a high-end tube bedside FM radio


I would like to have a tube bedside radio using a high quailty driver and parts maybe with a clock on it. Does anything like that exist? Better than a Tivoli or Bose.


Hi Pete:

Take a look at the used vintage market.
There are a number of online sources for information like the one below. If you do a search at google you will find a large market. Also on Ebay.

Good luck
Hi Clueless,

Man you are right, twenty-two pages of old tube radios on Ebay. I wonder if I replaced some of the parts with premium parts, including the driver, if I would have a VERY good sounding radio.

Thanks for your help,

telefunken maybe? my mom had one and it sounded wonderful. not sure of model or anything else.
Hi again.
I think you could get a really nice one that way if you like to tinker a little.

Again, there are lots of sites re DIY. Here is a little article about replacing Caps in radios from PhilÂ’s Old Radios Site. A nice practical intro for some stuff but it fails to tell you make sure you discharge the caps first! OUCH!

If you get a vintage make sure you get one with a schematic available (most are available for a price at the site in my forst post). Some are also more user friendly than others. For example, some are hard to align the tuner and some are not.

The Leak is a famous radio but can be tough to align.

Now that you have me thinking about this I'm getting the bug myself!