Does anyone know anything about a Forte FP-1 phono

Hey gang,I've been looking high and low for a Threshold FET 10P phono stage with no luck. I just ran into a Forte (by Threshold) FP-1. The person selling it has no manual, and seems to think it is a mm phono only?? That seems odd for Threshold. Are any of you familiar with this unit? I know it's not going to be a 10P, but if it's a nice sounding piece, it will get me by until I find what I'm looking for. Please help! Thanks, Tom
Help me out so that i can help you : )

Is this complete preamp or just a phono stage ? ANY idea of vintage ? Sean
Forte was one of the best values in high end - I owned the 4A amp and am familiar with the FP1 - it retailed for 750 and is both a mm and mc phono stage.- its thd is .005 - it is very quiet but I do not remember the gain or loading options.
Other than what Ljgj stated above, the only things that i can add is that the unit was still available in 1995, max output is 8 volts, distortion is rated at .005, MM sensitivity is rated at 1 mv ( no spec on MC ), MM S/N ratio is 85 dB's at A weighting and MC S/N ratio is 74 dB's. RIAA tolerance is spec'd at +/- .25 dB according to the literature i have on it. No information about loading, whether it has two different inputs or one that is switch selectable, etc.... Hope this helps... Sean
Thanks for the input Sean & Ljgj. I bought it, but now I need the dip switch settings for load values. Anybody out there have one of these?? I've contacted Jon Solderberg, but have not heard back from him yet. Please help! Thanks, Tom Oh yes, I still need a FET 10PC or 10PC/E phono stage if anyone wants to sell theirs. Thanks!
Just an update to my last post. Jon Solderberg contacted me this evening with some great news! The Forte FP-1 is the identical circuit design as in the FET 10PC. The only difference is the power supply, which by chance, I have a spare E power supply and he can modify the FP-1 to the same configuration as the 10 PC/E to use the E supply. How much? $100 bucks. People, if you have Threshold gear, this guy is incredible. He worked for Nelson for years, and is working on updates to bring the 10E up to T spec. Already has killer upgrades for the amps (all). I don't have his email address handy, but email me for it. You won't be sorry! Tom