Does altitude change the sound of speakers??

Does altitude effect the sound of speakers? (Moved from Cleveland,Ohio 850' altitude to Prescott,AZ altitude 5,350')

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WOW, Never expected to get responses like what I received. A YES or NO would have been sufficient! A number were "off mission" and there were others that were just plain strange. We audiophiles are a strange bunch! 

Now to what I actually heard: In Cleveland my speakers had a sweet warm sound which was what I was used to. In Prescott the sound became brittle and hard. I suspect that I need to do a lot of room tuning and carpet installing. I have some very loud cars and a very loud boat. These sounded the same here as in the CLE. If I made 1 mistake in my life it was waiting so long to move to this beautiful place.Thanks for your comments on & off mission!