Do audio/video TV stands offer good isolation?

I want to consolidate my audio components and TV into one entertainment rack or stand on one side of the room. I have a vertical audio rack called(?)"Just a Rack" purchased from Audio Advisor about 15 years ago It is well made, but I am sick of looking at it, and I also have less space in my living room. Therefore, I would like to consolidate audio and TV by using a TV rack or stand from Best Buys; I don't want to trade "vibration isolation" for furniture style and cuteness. The length of the unit is 61 inches which provides 5 inches of clearance from the either outer edge of the flat-screen to place my Rega turntable. Please advise before holiday free shipping ends. Happy Holidays!!! Jim
i bought a metal and glass ht stand that looks very nice from walmart and put vibrapods and isonodes under everything but when i moved the electronics to a homemade wood butcher block and isonode set up to experiment the sound quality was much better. i havn,t controlled all variables like ic and power cord alignments but i suspect the glass shelves and the hollow metal legs may be less than optimal. i am going to take the glass shelves off and attach some maple shelves on the ht stands and see what that does. i don,t have a quality turntable on the system now. good luck john
I use three cheap(er) Big Box retailer stands made of metal and glass, that were on sale for $100 or so each. I filled all the metal parts with playbox sand, then sealed the openings. (I made a very small funnel out of clay for the slender diagonal struts!!)
So one long stand has Plasma and video stuff. The tall stand has the two channel electronics, and the last long stand has two TTs on it, with a few things under.
I am happy with the setup.
SO: if you can fill the legs with sand, or some other product to dampen then hollow metal legs, and use dampening material on the shelves (if glass) then you can have a decent stand for really cheap.