Need suggestions on IEC connectors for 7AWG per pole most that I have seen will not accept 7AWG wire thank you for any help you can give me.
Is it a stranded or solid core conductor? If stranded, Furutech's or Oyaide will work by splitting the conductor in half and inserting on each side of the centered screw in the termination slots. Good luck!
Yes it is stranded I did not think you could split the wire thank you I will check it out.
WOW. 7 gauge wire is pretty thick.
I bought some in-chassis Furutech IEC and the 10 gauge wires in my Furman just fit into the connection ends of the IEC to be screwed down.
(I swapped the Furman 20amp IEC for a 15amp one, so I could use a Pangea powercord.
The cord portion might be able to handle a larger wire, if you cut the plastic opening to the wire slot (thinking of a Wattgate here, never saw the inside of a Furutech plug)