Disappointing vinyl purchase

Father John Misty 'Pure Comedy'.  Listened many times to the digital version.  It is a mellow recording, very smooth and listenable.  Good dynamic range, just a hint of sibilance here and there.  The vinyl out of the box sounds like there is a towel over it - except for the brutal sibilance.  No range, no instrument separation.  WTF

Anybody have this on vinyl?  Don't think I remember seeing any FJM conversation mentioned here.  I can't help but think it's my cartridge (hence the new cart search).  Hard to believe anybody would think this pressing sounds good enough to sell

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There is a ton of new vinyl that is just plain awful! Even some MOFI stuff I have bought has a lot of pops and ticks, and one even had a huge piece of vinyl missing out of it! Acoustic Sounds was good about taking it back, but lately some CDs I am getting sound better than new vinyl, and that just should not be! And then there is the cost of the vinyl to boot...I can find ( with some effort though) old vinyl that sounds better than new, and has less damage to it. Though I will admit that finding old vinyl that is worthwhile takes some effort. I am lucky to live near a city that still has more than a few used record stores....