Dipole or monopole speakers

I have lexicon Mc1.It runs 7 speakers in logic 7 any sugg. for side speakers.
Well, you don't indicate what kind of main speakers you have, nor how much money you are willing to spend on the surrounds, so my suggestions may be a "shot in the dark". I will assume for the sake of discussion that you want wall-mounted surround speakers, rather than floor-standers.

Of the surround speakers that I have heard, there are three that have particularly impressed me:
1. M&K SS-150 dipole/tripole surrounds (about $1200 / pr)
2. Snell surround speaker (don't remember the model designation, but they sell for about $1500 / pair).
3. The third speaker you may want to add to your audition list is the new Snell ceiling-mounted "PowerPoint". It's gotten very positive comments from a few of the HT equipment reviewers. The fact that it is ceiling-mounted may be a plus or minus, depending on your room setup.
Slick2: First do you want to match your brand of existing speakers? If not try TRIAD in-walls, they are unbelievable. They have gotten great reviews and I see why. We used them in a job I am presently doing, where the matching brand stood out too far [paradigm] these look alot better and way out performed them. Customer happy and so am I. I am sure you will get many other opionions so Good Luck.
Thanks for replys.I want to use wall mounted on sides.I was inquiring more on if it is best to use dipole or mono in this position using DTS and dolby digital.I heard dipole is dated with these formats.I use for now Newform 645 for mains 2 Kef 100 for center and apogee centaurs for rears.Kind of a mismash but sounds pretty damn good waiting for newform to make c.channel
With my DC-1 I'm running bipoles with the drivers firing fore-and aft for side surrounds and find that preferable (less localizable) to having the drivers pointed at me, but suspect that dipoles are a better solution.

People claim that DTS/Dolby digital require distinctly locatable speakers because of the discrete surrounds; although the theatrical installations are still arrays of monopoles, which should be best emulated by dipoles in a home environment. It's just that you get separate signals on each side...
The use of dipole or mono depends on your room and speaker placement. I find that if you have a large room and can place your listening chair in the center of the room, away from walls, then you can get good sound with direct radiating monos behind the listening position.

You indicate that you have to use side speaker placement on the walls. I find that this is not ideal for direct radiating monos and that dipoles are preferable (this is the highly debated THX preferred setup). Direct firing speakers to the sides of the listener, with no additional rear speakers, gives poor envelopment and no soundstage behind the listener. Dipoles give a better surround experience and rear effects are more convincing. The B&W SCM8 THX dipoles were the best (the only home theater speakers to ever be on the Stereophile recommended components list that I know of).