Digital or Coax?


I was wondering which is better and what's the difference
between the two? I'm confused on either buying digital or coax to hook up from my 2 dvd players to my home theater receiver. I will be listening to dvd's and cd's most of the time...

Help anyone ;-)

I assume you mean OPTICAL or COAX, right? If you are not too picky, either would work just as well. Otherwise, it's a long and winding road ahead ... By the way, why do you need two DVD players for your home theater?
Cpatbay, don't you mean TOSLink and not just plain optical? When I think optical I still think AT&T glass. Even if AT&T glass isn't widely used anymore.
I think it depends also on the kind of DVD players and TVs. For mid-grade products, either one will work well. For hi-grade products, optical or toslink will work better. I have the component cables hook-up and like the video quality a lot, definitely superior than coaxial and s-video.

Are we talking audio or video?
I presently have an older sony dvd player (that I plan to sell soon) and have a nad dvd player that I mostly play dvd's (zoom option comes quite handy) and cd's (to go with my nad receiver).

So, I need to upgrade my present cables because the ones that I'm using now on my old sony amp and mostly audio/video cables. I also have a 32" sony wega (that I should upgrade soon for a 42" LCD) and I'm using component cables for one of the dvd player & s-video for the other.

I need help.

Thanks ;-)