digital cable for theta front end

Using Theta Carmen (first version) and Pro Basic IIIa DAC. Currently using a Tara Labs digital cable, but hear not much improvement over a basic monster cable digital cable. Rest of system: Adcom GFP750 preamp, Bryston 4B-NRB amp, Snell CV speakers (with Rel Storm-III sub). Synergistic Research Kaleidoscope Phase II interconnects, Tara Labs Air 2 speaker cable. Anyone out there with Theta front end (or otherwise) have digital cable suggestions? Thanks. -Dave
I'm using Tara Decade digital cables with my Theta front end and I'm quite happy with the sound. The Apogee digital cable is also excellent and usually sells for about $35 on the used market. Highly regarded by most people.
I also have a Pro Basic IIIA preceeded by 9 jitter filters. I use hard wired Illuminati Ohm-Aha 75 ohm cable for all my digital connections. If you are not interested in that approach, I would still recommend changing the RCA connectors to 75 ohm BNC with DH Labs D-75 cable. BNC connectors alone improve the sound as much as a jitter filter such as; Theta's TLC. Good Luck!
OK, I'll bite.

Why *9* jitter filters?
Because the sound gets better and better! Each filter has added more soundstage depth, solid bass and clearer highs. On well recorded CDs cymbals really sound like cymbals. Bells are delicate and airy...