Differences btw Blue Heaven & Red Dawn?

Anyone compared these two cables? Please comment on the differences. I have seen Blue Heaven recommended but no one seems to recommend Red Dawn. Thank You.
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I have been recently trying several of the Nordost cables. The general flavour is a stripped-down leanness that may appear beneficial in a system that is otherwise too warm or muffled. This leanness makes dynamic contrasts stand out, but Carl may have a point that there is not enough conductor for a speaker cable. I don't know how many of you are old enough to remember the British fad a decade or so ago for very thin conductors - the sound can be refreshingly stripped-down, for a while, then you realise that there is too much that is missing. The Blue Heaven is almost to the point of being glarey, the Red Dawn is just plain lean. Incredibly (given its price) the SPM has the same leanness, just less of it, but more refinement. I note the TAS review mentioned SPM was very slightly lean - but this seems to be a considerable understatement to me. The TAS review also suggested replacing the Neutrik RCAs - something I agree with. I have used Neutriks a lot in the past and eventually realised that the design was compromised (the sliding earth arrangement) and degraded the sound (even though they were beautifully made).
Carl, Neutrik make very good AES/EBU connectors, but I was referring to their RCA connectors, which have a protruding earth shield, which makes contact before the hot pin. This is nice if you like changing cables while your stereo is on. But the outer shield is designed to retract as you push the pin in place, and this is achieved by spring-loading. I am leaping to a conclusion that it is the poor electrical integrity of this feature that makes them sound bad, but they do indeed sound bad, particularly given their high price.
No Carl, that brand has not got to the Antipodes. Much as I like the Wireworld products for their neutrality, I agree you get little for the price you pay. WBT's sound good, but I dislike the fitting arrangements on some of them. I have a liking for the Cardas plugs at the price.