Difference in Music Hall tonearms?

I'm contemplating purchasing a Music Hall MMF-5 or MMF-5SE. According to the Music Hall website, the SE has a real-wood plinth, RCA sockets, a better cartridge, and a Project 9.1 tone arm.

Can anybody explain to me the difference between the 9.1 tone arm and the one included with the regular one? It would really help me figure out whether or not the SE is worth the extra money.
I can't help with the arm differences but I did have a 9 on my MMF 7. It is a decent arm but probably not useful other than on a Music Hall or Pro-ject table. It seem to hold settings very well. VTA is a bit of a hassle but no more so than a Rega. I really liked it combined with a Shure V15VxMR.

The SE does not have wood plinth as you may be thinking. It is a verneered plinth, probably over MDF, so the difference is cosmetic only I would suspect. I'm not sure if the price difference is justified when you add things up but I do admit I have not heard the new SE. If you're handy you could probably get a used standard MMF 5, rewire the arm with Cardas wire and clips, change out the jacks for some really good ones and mount a new cartridge and be way ahead sonically and financially.

Just my opinion.
It looks pretty, and has a lot of nice upgrades (arm,rca jacks,wood veneer plinth) but not sure if it justifies the extra $300 or so.
I Recently bought a new MMF-7 from a local dealer, paid 1000 for it, I also have a Rega Planar3 w RB 250 and a audio technica 440ml , the music hall with the factory MC goldring cartridge is a true bargain and a huge improvement over the rega. I would recomend the MMF-7, a true performer.
I think I'll have to go with the normal 5 and not the SE. I just don't see enough of a change... seems more like an attempt to fill a hole in the product line than to really improve on the 5.

Thanks all.