Difference between Krell HTS 1 & HTS 2

What exactly was wrong the original HTS 1? How did they fix it in the HTS 2? Does Krell offer an upgrade from a HTS 1 to HTS 2. I see on Krell's website they offer an upgrade from a HTS 2 to 7.1 for $1500. I just bought a HTS 1 (not even knowing about a HTS 2) cause I'm not interested in 7.1. Now I'm reading about lousy 2 channel sound in the HTS 1. Did I make a big mistake.

This is my first piece of what I would consider "high end" gear. So far it sounds good to me, but this is the beginning my system not the end and I feel my current equipment will not tell the whole story. Thanks in advance!
The only difference between the HTS1 and the HTS 2 is an analog bypass on the HTS2 and a different On Screen Display. You cannot upgrade the HTS1 or HTS2 to the 7.1... they give you a replacement. The 2 channel will be identical on the 1 and the 2... namely, its not that great but for movies it is pretty good. I own an HTS1 and in hindsight, wish I had bought a different unit (Tag, Proceed, Integra).
You'll drive yourself nuts if you worry about the new when you have the less-than-new, especially in HT processors. Hopefully, you got a good deal on the HTS1, as they're not current production. Assuming you did, and you already said you enjoy it, sit back and enjoy it some more. If you look a bit, you'll find a bunch of people that tell you it's crap and you should buy the XYZ model, or better yet, but a separate preamp, etc. etc. Enjoy it - it's a nice piece. Someday, when the rest of your system has caught up, research what's a good deal then, and consider upgrading. Until then, don't get too caught up in what you read, as it'll only lead to dissatisfaction. -Kirk
I made the same choice that you did - purchasing a high end pre/pro that was two steps removed from the latest models. I have had 30 days to evaluate the piece, both in multichannel and two channel operation.

It was like getting a new system (I used an H/K A/V receiver as pre/pro prior to getting the HTS). From top to bottom, I got a wholesale improvement in sound, in every possible area - image, bass, detail. Seamless integration of my subs with the mains (despite no bass management, but I don't miss it). I just hooked it up, configured inputs, and got good sound right off the bat. Quite good in 2 channel, especially considering that the 2 channel is digital (no analog pass through). It's good enough for me - but I am not as demanding as some.

I, like you, did not want anything beyond 5.1, but I wanted a pre/pro that would be a good unit in my only, do it all system. I could not afford the latest - but I got the sound that I was looking for. I can live with the warts (2 sec delay when starting program material is the big bug, but otherwise works smoothly). I also like the 4 digital outs. I have seen and heard the piece hooked up on the showroom floor as well - so I was familiar with it for some period before I scooped it up on the cheap.

As the previous poster said, don't get hung up on the fact that you don't have the latest model. The piece is by no means perfect (and you'll find that no pre/pro is, no matter how recent - you'll find something that bugs you). What matters is not what you read - that the HTS is out of date, that it's not worth owning - but what you hear. Hearing it in your room, with your gear, is what matters. If you don't like it - sell it, and be done with it. But if you like the sound, don't let the comments on the web tell you otherwise. It was a great pre/pro in it's heyday, and it's still a good 5.1 pre/pro. One man gathers what another man spills.

For the record, I'm keeping mine.
Hello Dlp600,

I, just as you did, bought the HTS1, used, as the center peice to my system. I've upgraded amps from Krell(KAV-500) to the Plinius SA-250mkIV and Aragon 8008x3b combo. I've upgraded spkers twice from B&W to Revel to Dynaudio. I also purchased a dedicated cdp (Metronome CD2V Sig.) and now only use my dvd player for movies. The only peice I can't seem to replace is the HTS and believe me I've tried. Every upgrade in equipment I perform I feel like I'm going to expose the HTS for what everyone else seems to think it is. But every time, it just keeps showing me that it IS a high end peice. I think what Kthomas said is accurate. Don't get caught up in all the hype. Just surround the HTS w/other quality peices and enjoy. I damn sure am.......John
I just called Krell. This is what I learned. The main difference between the HTS 1 & HTS 2 besides the analog bypass is the HTS 2 uses a 17.25" wide chassis. Therfore allowing for an easier upgrade path from the HTS 2 to HTS 7.1. I was told they were deciding on a upgrade for the HTS 1 and would have a decision in a month.
I appreciate everyones responses. You guys are right. I just need to stop thinking about what else is out there and listen to what I have...Now should I get a Classe CA 201 or a Plinius SA 100 MKll. It never stops!!! Thanks Again
The Plinius. Then some Dynaudios and you're set!
Hey Dlp600,

I can't agree w/Kthomas more, especially since it's the same way I've done my set up.
Slartibartfast, just wanted to let you know that, according to a recent AUDIOREVOLUTION.COM review, Krell is offering an upgrade to the HTS 7.1 for HTS2 owners: "Owners of the Home Theater Standard 2 who bought one new from an authorized dealer can upgrade their units to the Home Theater Standard 7.1 at the Krell factory for $1,500. People who bought an HTS2 secondhand will need to pay $2,500 for upgrades."

AUDIOREVOLUTION also listed some of the significant changes: "The digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters utilized in the Home Theater Standard 7.1 are 24-bit and a step up from the Home Theater Standard 2. The video circuitry of the Home Theater Standard 7.1 is also upgraded and is fully compatible with large bandwidth high-definition video signals."

(I believe they also fixed the delay problem.) Hope this information is useful.