Did you upgrade from Scout to Scoutmaster??????

Am using an old clinky Linn/Grace/$200 Grado since I don't have room for my not enough room for my big rig an extended Aries/12.5 which I am selling.Trying to decide right now between a Scout or a Scoutmaster (maybe Aries 1).So wondering what differences you got from going to bigger plinth from Scout to Scoutmaster.Probably going to get signature arm and (what I didn't do with Aries) pop for an SDS.
Thinking I am going to use a TNT5 platter and bearing set bought from somebody who upgraded to newer platter bearing (think the bearing won't be as good as Scout but more than made up for with mass from lead/compsite.VPI tech told me either Scout or Scoutmaster could pull the heavy platter).But just trying to decide if I could use Scoutmaster for if that's the case might as well look for Aries 1 deck.But tell me different if you noticed major improvement.Right now I have an add up for a Scout plinth so if you got one returned and wan to sell let me know (but please do it through ad).
Have one TNT5 and looking for another.Not being able to use the ring clamp is a bummer but think I really would get a lot of sound I remember from from the Aries 12.5.WQon't have VTA on the fly but I'd still have that VPI sound allbeit a different one with a Scout if I use TNT5,Signature arm,SDS.If others convince me more plinth mass is worth it might chnage plans but right now looking to make one or two of these "souped up Scouts" and add a Gingko or wall mount,maybe BDR set etc. for isolation.
Should be DIFFERENT and don't expect as big a sound stage but my guess is I can save money,be able to fit it my place and get a lot for my money.But then again maybe Scouytmaster or Aries 1 is worth it.Let me know what happened when you made the switch.Am I on right track?
Chazzbo, take a look at Slipknot1's system description and the posts following it. He went through the full upgrade cycle, starting with the Scout, and his observations are interspersed through the posts.