DH Labs Digital Audio RCA ...any good?

I have a new Fios DVR arriving on Monday, and it has coax audio out. But it is a good 8 feet from my pre/pro, so I will need a 3m length. Being a mainly music guy, I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on audio for the video system, but neither do I want annoying sound. Can anyone give me a sense of this cable? Any other low priced digital audio cables to recommend?


i would use optical. I would not want to share a common ground with my tv/ cable / internet with my stereo.

I doubt that you would ever hear any difference anyway, most tv channels use compression anyhow. Plus optical is pretty good.

Google around, you should be able to find the glass variety for like $40
Monoprice is the place to go for high quality, reasonable priced cables of any type.
Bluejeans cable makes well built, good performing cables for a reasonable price. I have purchased digital, subwoofer and speakers cables from them in long runs for my HT setup and they work great.

Hey dan.I bought the air matrix cables from you.If you dont want to spend to much try a basic digital coax from monoprice.com...If you can build your own cable you could get the parts needed direct from dh labs and save around 50% off a factory terminated cable.I have a modded D-75 that I got from moon audio that I use for my Transport to DAC and it is awsome sounding and has a nice stiff techflex to protect the cable from sharp bends.A moon audio D-75 cable will cost you over a hundred bucks though.You cant go wrong with monoprice as I got a real nice HDMI cable from them for around $10.00.....
Dgaylin, yet another place to buy inexpensive cables is http://www.ramelectronics.net
Thanks all, much appreciated.