Denon PRA-1500 preamp

Hi everyone. I just acquire a Denon PRA-1500 preamp. Anyone used this preamp before and how does it sound to you? Thanks

BTW, it come with balance out with it is a plus.
I forgot to mention that I also have the Adcom GTP-350 that I am comparing to.
it was my first hi-fi pre!! I got it in 1990. It has balanced outs I think. Mine still works--remote too. I had it paired with a Sony TA-N55ES power amp. This combo got me through college--I drove them hard. I also used it with an Adcom GFA 535II which is a little 60 watter. sounded pretty good. I want to say that pre retailed for $500 when new in 1990. I still think it is a fairly good little pre. It is now in my garage system.

Thanks for your response. Cajunpepe, how did it sound to you with the Adcom amp?
it was pretty darn good--i would recommend it. it sounded good at low levels too.