Anyone compare these two integrated amps?
Looking for a high current design to run my magnepan 1.7's
Looking used in the $1000=$1200 range.
any comments are appreciated...
Best regards
I would go with the PMA without a doubt. I owned the "regular" PMA 80 before switching to tubes. At its price point nothing else comes close, and it produces a prodigious amount of current. It is also quite musical. I do not have any experience with the NAD, but have not cared for the ones I have heard.
Tough call - they are both very nice amps. You really can't go wrong with either. But if I had to choose, I probably would lean toward the Denon because of its sheer weight and two separate transformers. Also, it is a much more expensive amp currently being discounted down to the price of the NAD. Have fun with whatever one you choose.
I wanted to make a correction to my previous post. The amp I owned was the PMA 2000 IVR. The PMA A100 is the anniversary version of that amp, and I assume included some upgrades over the amp I owned. And again, between the two amps you are considering, I go with the Denon without a doubt.