Denon DVD2910 vs Denon DVD3910

Is the 3910 worth the extra $ for CD/SACD playback? In other words if you are purchasing for CD/SACD playback what do you give up with the cheaper 2910? Does someone out there have experience with both machines? My system consists of Forte 4A amp and 44 pre, Sound Dynamics 300ti speakers with Tara Labs RSC cable, Tara Quantum 66 ICs and Hero XLRs amp to pre. Current CD front end is AA DDS Pro with v3.0 DDE.
The 2910 is an upgraded 2200. The 3910 has better DAC's, better build quality. I have not a/b'ed them. Can not comment on if the 3910 is worth 2x the price.
Some reviewers have, and they comment that the 3910 is NOT worth the extra price.
I now own the 2910 so before I purchased it I was doing some research on the model line and the result was getting the 2910 for $585.00 AT A LOCAL FULL SERVICE DEALER.
The 3910 is not woth the huge difference in the price.
If you decide to buy the 3910, it can be purchased new from a registered dealer (thru one of our A-gon members) for about $1050. If you're interested, drop me a note and I'll give you the details.