Denon DVD 2500 btci

No one can deny the superb built quality of the Denon 2500 BTCI, while it lacks analog output(s) will not pose any issue with the latest AVRs. Anyone has any experience with this transport? I currently own the PIO BDP95fd/ BDP51fd / DV58av, I do not actual need another BDP transport but at huge discount from original MSRP, it is tempting to try the 2500 BTCI transpot with my Pio SC05. At $299.00 ( Vann's), it's a no brainer but I do not intend to get another Denon AVR, I wonder the 2500 BTCI will pose any issue with the Pio sc 05?
I have had one for some time, nice build quality, not the fastest Blu-ray disc loading but tolerable.

It is only a transport, so will only output bitstream for the new uncompressed codecs (DTS HD MA Dolby TrueHD) but like you said, with any new receiver that is all you need.
does the Denon 2500 BTCI upsample dvd's? or is that something the avr would have to do? i'm wondering how dvd's look with this player, i.e. would the avr have to have both audio and video processing to work with this player?