Denon DP-47f turntable; Denon DL-80 cartridge

Hi all. Here's what a geek I've become. Just got home from work. Before kissing the wife, petting the dog or saying "hi" to my daughter, I'm on Audiogon gushing about my new conquest. Bought a MINT, UNUSED Denon DP-47f turntable off of Craigslist. Purchased originally by a serviceman while stationed in Japan, put away and never used. Real rosewood base, as-new platter & tonearm. All paperwork and even a vintage cleaning kit. Has a wild velvet "cape" that covers the turntable emblazoned proudly with the "DENON" logo. Naval officer paid $285.00 (ater using his active duty discount) in 1985. Anyhow, the table includes the original DL-80 cartridge, also unused. I know of the DL-160 and the DL-300 series, but I've never heard of the DL-80. Are there any concerns using a cartridge this old? Any information or advice about cartridges??
You have truly 'scored'. I have and have had many of the 47F's, which I always give away to my kids as they are the best way to get them interested in vinyl. I have found the best cartridge to be the Denon 160. Hey, let me end your joy, sell the unit to me.