denon DL 304

The cover of the Denon DL 304 is very loose - this is the underneath side with the words DL 304. So when the stylus guard is in place and you want to remove it this protective cover also starts to lift off. Before I ask Denon about this, has any else had the same problem? The cartridge had beeen off the turntable for some time with the stylus guard in place and now I don't want to use it until I have clarified the situation.
I've got a 304 on my Scout but I have'nt encountered your problem with mine so far. Could be because I don't use the guard. Wish I could be of help to you.
Regards, Sam
the more I think about it the more it looks like a manufacturing fault. I suppose the cover needs to be removeable in case the stylus assembly has to be changed but obviously it shouldn't be loose. Removing the stylus guard does exert some pressure on the cover but it should be able to withstand that. I wonder what Denon will have to say about it - I've heard Audio Technica are very helpful so let's hope Denon are as well.
I had the same problem
I used some super glue and it works very vell
No problems :-9