Dcs Vivaldi dac vs. Puccini

Hi all

I'm looking to upgrade my source and I'm pretty locked on dcs. I currently own Esoteric x05 as a transport together with bel canto dac3.5.
I'm partial between taking a dcs Puccini sacd player with the u-clock or staying with the esoteric as a transport and leap towards a Vivaldi dac.
Anyone compared the Puccini with Vivaldi ? Is the exxxxtra cash on Vivaldi justified?
Thanks in advance to all repliers
I went from a Puccini/U Clock to a Scarlatti clock, trans and DAC. This is a substantial improvement from the Puccini/Uclock in most every area.

Used Scarlatti's are a great buy right now..
Do you know whether the Scarlatti dac alone (without clock) will also work against Puccini ?
Hi, I never tried that combo...but my (educated) guess here is yes. Plus you can always add pieces down the road...(The Scarlatti Clock now has a usb update like the u clock)

Vivaldi is still I am sure much better...plus supports even more hi rez formats...
Icorem - I went from Puccini to Puccini + Scarlatti DAC and that was a substantial improvement.
I have the Puccini with U clock. I've heard the Vivaldi Dac in my system. It is definitely a big step up from both the Puccini and the Scarlatti which I also own. I hope to get one myself soon. If you can afford it I would not hesitate.
Can I use Esoteric p01 or p02 transports with Vivaldi DAC to stream DSD/SACD by using dual AES ?
Obviously I cant due to dCS coded connection.
To Elberoth:

Can you play sacds by using Puccini as a transport and Scarlatti or Vivaldi DAC ?