dCS to launch a reference USB to SPDIF converter

Just talked with the dCS ppl during the show in Munich, and learned that dCS is about to launch two reference USB to SPDIF converters / clocks.

They will be vey much like their Puccini U-Clock, but will be based on Scarlatti and Paganini clocks. They will both do 24/192 and DSD over USB, and will be run from the dual crystal oscilators calibrated to 0.1ppm precision.

(regular VCXO that you can see in most if not all USB/SPDIF converters are calibrated to 10-20ppm).

The Scarlatti and Puccini U-Clocks will come with both SPDIF RCA and AES/EBU outputs, plus the host regular of BNC clock outs.

Current Scarlatti and Paganini clocks can be factory upgraded to the latest U-Clock status.

Forgot to ask about the prices, but since the Scarlatti clock is now $14k or thereabouts, the new model will be even more expensive.
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wow, thanks for posting. My dealer had mentioned something was around the corner here.

I will say the clock is a big deal, are you still running the dac alone? I recently swapped out the stock clock cable for a cardas lightnig 15 bnc to bnc, it's clearly audible...everything seems to have more focus, better placement and maybe more extension...
Always good to know the 1% is alive and well.
edorr, why do you post stuff like this, buying gear like this creates jobs, it's our economic system. If you don't like it, move to north korea or cuba...great thing about the free world...if you don't like it, you're welcome to leave...
Amen.This contrived 1% against the world is so pathetic. Do the best you can with what you have and stop being jealous of those who have more.Castro or Chavez could make a serious run for the U.S. predsindency it seems.
Guys, relax. I don't have a problem with the 1% at all, and I am not the least bit jealous. I'm doing quite well myself, although I have not quite hit the 1% club yet. Although I can't afford $10K USB converters, I have one on order for $2250. For your typical single mom on welfare the difference is splitting hair.

Lacking a sense of humor is a far more serious problem than having too much money.
Ed - If I had to pay for distributor and dealer margin, advertising and a staff of marketers, believe me, yours would cost $10K too.

Steve N.

I did not want to bring that up. These 1% guys are a little touchy.
Edorr , my apology to you.Reading your post I could`nt tell/appreciate the humor.You were joking but there are those who are dead serious with that attitude so I just wanted to express my opinion.
Edorr, thanks for the reply, appreciate it. A lot of us come to this site to learn about the audio gear, not get into politics. Sometimes its hard to understand the humor with a potentially charged word or comment.

Anyway, hope your usb converter sounds great! Hopefully compnaies like dCS push the envelope and the industry as a whole benefits. I am VERY curious on downloadable dsd...

Ps, I am a lil touchy, if u saw what I pay n taxes, then others claim its "not a fair share" it gets under the skin some...plus I buy via dealers and pay sales tax mostly...

I'm not holding my breath on downloadable DSD. I don;t think many studios are set up to master in DSD and since the mass market is all encoded PCM, which gives you as much resolution as you'll ever need, what's the point? - I do have all my 2 channel SACD's ripped though (MCH SACD I still spin).
I haven't spent much time with hi rez pcm, why I am a little curious on the new clock from dCS. I keep reading great things...

Are u happy with hi rez pcm in your set up? Vs redbook, 24/96? I still seem to like a spinning disc best, but maybe that's my vinyl side peeking through...
If you want to hear for yourself, get this Blu Ray Music / SACD 2 disc set. The Blu Ray has 96/24 and a 192/24 PCM track, and the SACD has 2 channel and MCH of the exact same source material. You can do your own shootout. In slightly prefer the SACD, but this could very well be placebo effect, and I'm not sure I could tell the difference in blind shootout. The first track is also downloadable as high rez flac, so you can even do a three way shootout.


I am personally not too hung up on resolution anymore. Recording quality trumps resolution any day of the week in my experience. I can happily live with a well recorded recording in 44/16.

A much bigger regret is the lack of MCH content. Native MCH really takes things to a different level for me, but sadly MCH is all but dead except for classical SACD, and the odd good concert BR.
I only spin MCH SACD - some classical, some jazz.
Forgot to post the link to the BR / SACD set:

Elberoth, maybe I should ask, is the clock performance the same as the current scarlatti/paganini? So just adding hi rez via usb?
How do you get DSD output from a SPDIF connection? Will that only work with dCS gear?
Jfrech - yes. This is the same clock with an extra USB module added inside. You can upgrade yours to the full U-Clock status, but that will probably require the clock to be sent to dCS factory for upgrade - the job requires fitting the new back panel, software and USB input board.

The DAC will also need an upgrade to learn to recognise DSD over USB encoded files, but that will be done simply by playing an update CD.

Doggiehowser - dCS, who are super clever people and constantly pushing the envelope, found a ingenious method of packing pure DSD data so that any DAC capable of accepting 24/176.4 data can be modified to accept this pure DSD data.

You can learn more about it here:
I will say the clock is a big deal, are you still running the dac alone?

Yes, I knew the update of some sort is comming, so decided to wait till the dust setles down. I'm glad I did.

My final setup will be a music server with USB audio out, Scarlatti U-Clock and Scarlatti DAC.

I would love to have the Scarlatti SACD transport and upsampler as you do if only to play SACDs, but unfortunately, cannot afford the full Scarlatti stack so had to ratinalize.
Elberoth, I am aware of the concept of packing DSD inside a 176kHz PCM stream over USB. But thus far, it's been a direct USB connection to the DAC.

I am just curious if any other DAC manufacturers have come out in support of that over SPDIF.
The standard allows to pack a pure DSD data in a SPDIF encoded signal, so sending it from the SPDIF converter to the DAC is possible as well.

The new standard is there and is free to anyone interested. AFAIK several manufacturers already signed in, so we should see first products in the coming months (probably CES).