David Yee Tube amps?

does anyone have any info about David Yee amps good or bad. I'm considering buying one but want to hear from some A-goners with some experience.
greetings: i am in the same boat. does anyone have experience with davidyee tube amps?

thanks! -andre
Are you are talking about the inexpensive Canadian amps that are often listed on eBay? I have seen the listings and almost pulled the trigger more than once, just out of curiosity. But an acquaintance of mine bought one and claims it was a cheap piece of crap. He mostly complained about the build quality and noisy circuits. I never saw it, so I cannot verify his story. But for the price these things go for you might just take a chance.
thanks. i took the chance on a rebuilt acrosound 20-20. there is a return period, so at least on paper the man stands behind his work. i will try to post impressions here after it arrives.
Hi, any feedback on the David Yee amps? I am pondering on one as well. Your insights very much appreciated.
I know David Yee personally, He has built a headphone amp, a guitar amp, and a small el 84 amp for me. For the price, I can't honestly think of anything, especially custom made, that can touch it.
He built himself a higher end el84 amp that compares favorable to my Almarro a205mkII, FWIW.
Cons, the build quality and appearance ain't exactly stunning, cheap pots, jacks, etc... but for the price, If you want to get into tubes, it's a no brainer. period
any body know anything about his tube buffer
David was my previous landlord in Vancouver. I ended up buying a pre-amp, amp and tube buffer from him. $400 each.
He gave me five amps to try out at my apartment. I picked the one I liked best and David agreed.
The sound is magnificant.
You don't have money spent on frills such as cases
Max sound for min dollars. One volume knob went bad after three years and he replaced it no charge while I waited!. The tube buffer made a tremendous improvement. Impedence matching was the reason given.
I have never had any problems. Seems to be a straightforward Hong Kong guy (genius?) that speaks English poorly.
email me if you want more details. I see him slagged here and I just want to mention that all my interactions with him have been good and I am still a repeat customer.