DAP vs streamer

I am currently using a DAP USB out to my dac. My dap is running on DC powered battery.

The question is will I get any sound improvement if I switched to a network streamer connecting to a local Hdd? Really don’t like the idea of a Pc/Nas to a streamer...

currently I am using a shanling DAP with hiby music app which as remote interface with iOS and Android via Bluetooth. Love it that I can just sit on my listening chair and select the music on my DAP via my phone.

I always thought my system front end is good to go until I came across those allo streamer reviews. They mentioned that there are significant improvement thus my questions.

if I am duplicating somewhere, do direct me to the next rabbit hole!

thank you!!
I assumed no one ever did a comparison to find out that their streamer sounded similar to a much simpler solution? 
I am not audio science supporter but I don’t see the advantages of over complicating things to deliver the same result. Going through so many different medium vs just direct connection.