DAC with RS232

I am using a 2 channel Bel Canto DAC in conjunction with a 4 channel Trinnov ST2-Pro processor in a 6 channel system. The 2 channel processes my surround channel. I synch up volume control through iRule. Problem is the Bel Canto is IR and sometimes misses a command, and my volumes get out of synch. Ideally I would use a 2 channel DAC with RS232. I know these exists in teh very high end (EMM Labs, MSB). Is anyone aware of a more affordable DAC (say $1000 used tops) with RS232 (and obvioulsy volume control). It needs to have 1db volume increment steps to be able to synch up with the Trinnov. I have not found any myself.
I'm not familiar with your gear and not quite sure what you are up to, but what kind of resolution are you trying to pass? I know that there are products in the Meridian line that have RS232 and volume control like you need. The 568 might be an option for 24/96 on its own, or the 518 into your current DAC for 24/48 tops.
I actually own a Meridan 568. I use it for satellite TV (only), and use its digital outs into my Trinnov. For the application I need the DAC for, I cannot live with the 48/24 restriction though. Someone already pointed to the NAD m51, which would work OK, but is a bit pricier than I hoped for.