DAC's Tried with the EAD U2000

Hey all,
If you've heard some recent DAC's on the EAD U2000 please let me know.
yes especially interested in any outboard DAC's including HDCD decoding + of course upsampling please. thanks!
The EAD is such a wonderful player that I have been reluctant to play around with it. This week however I received the Chord DAC 64. So far the results are stunning. The increase in resolution is enormous & the thrill of hearing even 'ordinary-sounding' cds enhanced by the Chord quite unexpected. So far I have only ten hours or so on the unit & will be happy to discuss the combo later if anyone is interested.
Barry, looks like a beautiful DAC. Very new technology in there :)
Those who are in-the-know are very aware of the Ultradisk2000's capabilities & I agree why mess around with it? But if you're gonna go with an outboard DAC then isn't the U2000 kind of going to waste? I mean wouldn't any decent transport give you basically the same performance with that (xyz) DAC?
I'm taking a different approach. I just ordered a 2nd U2000 so I can experiment with some internal hotrod mod's. If I screw it up then at least I haven't completely lost my beloved player.
Of course I realize this won't be the same as the newer upsampling DAC's. I haven't checked out all the options in that regard, but if there are any new DAC's with HDCD decoding then I'm unaware of them? HDCD is very impressive IMO, enough so that I won't be without it. As for SACD? I'm just not ready to go there.
Update: I just saw a post that the Mark Levinson 360 DAC does HDCD. Need to check this out!

PLEASE let me know the outcome of those mods. If they work out for you I will also have them done to the EAD.
Bob, just had a wonderful session listening to the U2000. Ignorance is bliss! I don't want to hear better DAC's on this thing... This player has a life to it that I haven't heard in others.
Try the SFD-2 by sonic frontiers, this is a vary good
match,no HDCD but way better sound i only have one
thing to say tube's.