DAC Event in Phoenix AZ August 24th

Hi Folks,

For those curious about DACs, the Arizona AV Club is partnering with a number of manufactures and dealers to produce a Dac shootout on Saturday August 24th 11am to 3pm. The event will be held at Acoustic Designs 16074 N. 78th Street, Suite B104, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

The following dacs will be present:
  • Schiit Yggdrasil
  • Chord Hugo TT + M Scaler
  • Benchmark DAC3
  • iFi Audio Pro iDSD
  • PS Audio DirectStream
  • Holo Audio Spring DAC2
  • Jolida Glass FX DAC
  • NuPrime Evolution DAC
  • L.K.S. DAC MH-DA004
  • Line Magnetic
The dacs will be played in an acoustically treated room on a reference system consisting of Focal Maestro Utopia Evos driven by SAE and Acoustic Research gear.

If you have any interest in hearing well regarded dacs on a top tier system don't miss this event! There is a $10 entry fee. RSVPs are appreciated due to limited seating; multiple sessions will be available. There will also be a speaker from Chord present to talk about their technology.

More information here: www.AZAVCLUB.COM or PM me.
Will the Arizona AV Club and Acoustic Designs publish the results of the above DAC shootout with a follow up post on Audiogon?   

If possible, any comments on each DAC would be appreciated.  
@hgeifman I imagine there will be a follow up once the event is over. One of the recent Speakerfest attendees did a great write up after the event with impressions of the various speakers.
Update: The Chord DAC in the shootout will now be the Qutest. A Hugo TT will still be present but part of different system in another demo room.
Another update: A cadre from Chord will now be present bringing with them an assortment of gear from their line. They will be set up in a couple of additional demo rooms and free to talk about their line and audio technology in general. If you are in the Phoenix area don't miss this opportunity to listen to an assortment of exceptional dacs and some top tier systems!
Hi Folks,

Just a reminder the event is happening this Saturday! There is still plenty of room for anyone interested in attending.

As mentioned above, there will be a second demo system showcasing Chord equipment. This system will consist of a Hugo TT2, Hugo MScaler, CPA 3000 pre-amp, and a pair of SPM 6000MKII amps driving a set of B&W 803D3s.