DAC and Jitter box question.........

Hi all,
I am running a Theta Pro Basic DACII along with a Monarchy audio DIP is this needed or should I only use the Theta? Any thoughts would be great...thanks!
Use whatever sounds better to you.
If the DIP makes no difference to you then sell it and buy some more CDs. If it improves the system keep it.

(I have a DIP and it makes a big improvement to my Monarchy 22A DAC).
IMHO you need the DIP! I have a Theta Pro Basic IIIA in my car along with 8 Theta TLC jitter filters followed by a DIP MK II and then an Assemblage UJB-1 filter. All of the jitter filters are hardwired (no RCA or BNC connectors) using Illuminati Ohm-Aha and DH Labs 110 ohm cable. The sound is awesome! You might ask why do I have 10 jitter filters? Because the sound got better each time I added one. Hardwiring the cable directly to the circuit board was also a big upgrade. As much as adding a jitter filter.
Bjack, Why not spend a bit more money on better components than running so many jitter devises. Sending the signal through so many can't be good for the sound but if your happy that's what counts!
You should try Genesis Digital Lens - it is MUCH better than both Theta TLC and DIP (tried all of them when I had Theta Gen Va). The difference will amaze you. You can get Lens s/h for as little as 400$.