Currently best digital DirectTV receiver

What is currently the best HDTV receiver for satellite TV? I plan to use it for feeding the signal via component cable into a Lexicon MC-12 and Sharp XV-Z9000U.
Hey,Doc: I have the Panasonic TU-HDS20. It is a Directv and OTA combination box.--No need for antenna switch button. If you ever got one of these, copy the codes to SL9000 or something similar.There is a lag time you have to get used to.There is a fan noise (RCA 100 has it also) I, however have no problem with this. For what it does; It does well.It does 480i,480p,720,1080,native, and hibird via push button on the unit.--as well as stretch,ect. Available on line for about 450.While this is the only box I have ever used or owned, I like it.--It has component outs, the RCA has svga outs. Once you adjust to it, you just enjoy, and worry about your display device.
There is a compatibilty issue with RCA DirecTV DSS boxes and the Lexicon MC-12. The RCA breaks the digital audio stream when changing channels or channel surfing. This has been established and confirmed with a DTC-100. Any other brand of HD DSS receiver will not have issues with the Lex and the DTC doesn't have comatibilty issues with any other processor but the Lex. Go figure.