Creek 5350/5350SE U-bar jumpers

I lost the two U-bar jumpers for my Creek 5350SE. The Creek USA distributor does not have the U-Bars in stock.
Is there a good, inexpensive replacement for the U-bars?
Anyone wants to sell his/her U-bars?

Go with Tara Labs "Missing Link" or Audioquest Python jumpers. About $25 for each new. I prefer the Tara with my 5350SE.

Same reason why I sold my Music Hall CD25 after I had a close call with the remote - no replacement remotes readily in stock - and very much didn't sound like they'd even considered stocking them, either (to put that very lightly.) Gave me a bad feeling about the US distributor, regardless of the high value of the product at time of sale...

I love alot of the stuff coming from overseas, and am a huge fan of alot of it, but each and every anecdote and exprerience like yours (and mine) gives me just a bit of pause. I'm no "buy American" freak, but more of a "buy from someone who will at least stand by their product and sell you silly replacement parts" freak. I buy American when I get that good feeling, and I buy foreign when I get the same as well. But I don't buy from anyone anymore who walks away from their products after the sale.
I have a pair of Tara Labs Missing Links for sale if you are interested.
I agree about the US distributor (Music Hall USA), they are not very customer service oriented. While I like my set up very much, when I upgrade I will not be purchasing any more from them because of this.