Creek 4330R

I find in sterophiles that it is a best-buy intergrated amp. Anyone could give comment to this?Is it consistent with the magazine's recommadation?
I had one about a year ago, and overall it was nice for the price. The build quality was a litle lacking, but it sounded clean. I used it to replace a Jolida 202a(I thought I was upgrading). I would have to say that it is a good overall unit, but that for the money(especially new) you can get a better amp. Jolida for instance. Hope this helps a little.
I would consider it among those companies that are the low end of the high end; products that offers excellent performance. Yes, there is better equipment out there. But, we have hit the knee of the curve, and to get much better sound costs MUCH more money. This amp does deserve it's accolades and recommendations. Very good solid state sound. To me, there are two kinds of solid state sound: those that try to sound like tubes(warm, sweet, euphonic), and those that are on the other end of the spectrum(detailed, clear, crystalline). The Creek would be included with the latter. You may consider it a budget alternative to Bryston, Electrocompaniet, or McCormack(not bad company at all), which would also fall into that classification.
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