Couples therapy on the DK Design website

Has anyone else seen this? I thought it was a joke at first, so I kept reading. I got to the end, and realized they were serious. Wow.
Looks like satire to me. I certainly hope so. But then it's no more ridiculous than a sex instruction book by Mark Levinson.
Now that's a great point. My uncle told me about that the other week. Oy.

It may turn out that they're just having a little fun. If so, my apologies for not having a sense of humor. But if it's satire, it's very thickly veiled.
I believe that it begins as a direct, albeit very dry, satirical discourse with a turnaround in the latter half that steers it towards a slightly more honest discussion of the situation. With all the discussion of this topic in forums and the higly recognizable phrase 'WAF', it's no wonder that someone didn't want to take a The Onion-style jab at this classic conundrum.
Yeah, but I'd brag too if I were banging Kim Cattral.

Start worrying if their advertising starts to look like Alpha-Core's, heheh.
Mark WAS banging Kim Cattral. She's now running around with a home theater guy.