Counterpoint vs Jolida


Curious to know if anyone has done an A-B demo with these two companies. They both make ( made ) hybrid amps.

I had a Counterpoint SA-5000 pre for many years and a Jolida 302 integrated that I've been using daily for 22 years now. The Counterpoint had some reliability issues over it's lifetime as well as an appetite for retubing and was sold several years ago. The Jolida is a workhorse and although I am comparing a supposedly state of the art pre to a mid price Chinese made integrated I would buy another Jolida in a heartbeat. I also have owned a Mark Levinson vintage pre and a couple of Krell components. If you don't mind throwing a lot of money away on factory repairs then buy the big names; if you want to enjoy the music then I can heartily recommend the Jolida. Hope this helps.
I've listened to nice expensive tube hifi from ARC, Rogers, VTL, etc., and my Jolida 502P stands up to any of them in sound and build quality (been driving the crap out of it for 4 years or so now). I do a little survey (ongoing actually) when visiting high end "salons" here and there and among the "expert" employees (who sell the above mentioned brands) the number of these guys who have actually heard a Jolida anything (except at a bewildering hifi show) would be zero, except for one guy who heard an FX10 someplace. Few recent reviews, virtually no ads anywhere…crazy...
Thank you for the input. I once had a JD801 when Jolida first came out. I liked what it had to offer, but back then Jolida had quality control issues, and thing was literally falling apart on me. I have not read any problems in the last few years, so looks like Jolida cleaned up there act.

Afterwards I lived in Shenzhen China for a time and heard lots of Chinese made amps that sounded like junk. Most are for sale on ebay now. Music Angel, Bewitch, Audioromy, etc. Who knows- Maybe these companies will learn from Jolida
It seem that Jolida's original owner, Mike Allen, had issue with his original guys and broke away from them some years ago to solve the quality control issues…leading to a lawsuit. His "newer" Jolida based in Maryland seems to be the real deal and they make cool things with fine quality…and service based in MD.