Counterpoint SA 5000 vs SA 5.1

I currently own a SA 5.1 and love it, with the exception of the low gain in the phono. I'm considering buying a pre-pre such as the SA 2 but am also wondering about an SA 5000.

Does anyone one know how an SA 5.1 would compare against an SA 5000? Phono is my main source.
If you are using a moving coil cartridge, have you considered a step up transformer. Bent Audio has several different models to choose from. Ranging from 14db to 26db. Could be your answer.
I owned an SA 5.1 for several years, thought it was a huge jump above the 7.1 that I started with. An SA-5000 came across my path at a bargain price, and without ANY upgrades it was far, far sweeter, more detailed, accurate and musical than the 5.1. I use the jfet MC stage in it and get sounds that continue to impress my high-end audio buddies, who can't believe I don't have a stepup or a separate phono stage. The line stage leaves little to quibble.

I want to send this baby to Michael Elliot to get some big time upgrades, but I can scarcely bear to part with it for even a short time.
I had both SA2 and SA5000. I need both to work with my low output MC. The SA2 is okay but a bit noisy and not enough gain for my setup since the amp and speaker sensitivity is very low.
I modified my SA5000 with all vitaminQ oil caps as it gives a fuller sound over the stock.