could anyone help me ?

im in the market to purchase a amp and pre amp ? considering krell or classe ? helplessly falling !thanks
Antone112, I think most of us will need a bit more information about what you're trying to accomplish before we can offer you any useful comments. For example, what are your sonic priorities? What kind of music do you listen to primarily? What gear you have in your system currently? What are you trying to improve from where you are today? What price range are you trying to work in?
Krell is not what you want. OVERHYPED OVER PRICED. cLASSE IS OK. lOKK TP TUBES
If you are just sarting in this mess, get out. If you are already an adict, I would chose Bryston over everything for entry level. Solid and holds its value, great product in it's own right. You can trade up from there but get ready for a ride.
I've been involved in audiophilia for 30 years and once worked in the field. I have to say that my confidence in the industry began evaporating in the 1980s when Krell amplification was embraced by the high-end opinion makers and retailers as representative of high fidelity sound. I had close friends in the business who sold it, but even they admitted they had to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the effluent stream of Krell output. Seldom has a single manufacturer contributed so much to destroy credibility for the entire high-end audio industry. Krell amplification is uniformly non-musical, bearing no semblance to the tone or emotion of music as actually performed by people using real instruments in real acoustics spaces. The stuff is tonally horrid for the price and a poor reflection of what's possible to attain in this field at any price, IMO.

Classe will stand you better but even at that, you have many superior alternatives. What do you want to accomplish; how much can you spend; what space do you want to fill with music? We can collectively tell you so much more if you're open minded and more forthcoming.

Think TUBES !!!!
The new Krell stuff is very good. I have owned four or five Krell pieces. The FPB amps are as good as nearly anything available.

That said, I prefer the better Classe gear.

Mapleleafs3 is just plain stupid! There is no basis in fact for the FOOLISH things he wrote. He could claim that he does not like Krell, or that he heard them in a system where they did not sound good to his ears, but when anyone condemns a brand like that they should be written off as an unwise person!!!

I owned a KSP 7b, and KRC II pre-amp and the FPB 200 and later an FPB 700cx. The latter was much better sounding than the former. It was not just an issue of greater power. The cx series made some serious sonic improvements over previous models.

The Krell pre-amps tend to be too analytical for me. I replaced mine with a Klyne 7LX3.5b, and found it to be less detailed, but more musical.

I replaced the Krell FPB 700cx with a Classe Omicron. It has less power, but I don't think it really gives anything up to the better Krell amps. Keep in mind that this is 110% personal preference

Tubes are high maintenence, and they can cause people with weak minds to get anal, like mapleleafs3, is that what you want???
Krell!!!!!! when done right with JPS, cables can take your ears to supreme happiness, good luck on your audio venture.
May mapleleaf can share his system with all of us so we don't make any equipment mistakes! you know non of us would want to purchase any over hyped stuff.
Krell output. Seldom has a single manufacturer contributed so much to destroy credibility for the entire high-end audio industry.

That'd make Krell the George W. Bush of audio manufacturers!

Actually I have heard a Krell system that was well assembled back in the 80's that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I was new to high-end audio back then, so it may have simply been the novelty, but I do remember being awed by the experience. It was a bi-amped system using some large Martin Logan panels. I have no idea if I'd like it now that I'm deep into tubes (I very much doubt it), but it is an early experience I'll never forget.

That useless bit of nostalgia now out of the way, I'd agree with the first response; you have not given enough information to go on. What musical tastes to you have? What are your expectations? Size of the room and ceiling height? Speakers you'll be pairing these off with? Price range?

Without that kind of additional information we're all just speculating and or blowing a lot of hot air, and projecting our own narrow preferences on you.