cornfedboy ?

I read your post in regards to the boulder 1012. Please share with us your new purchase.
i would love to write a full-blown review of the boulder 1012, after having listened to it extensively in my system. unfortunately, i can't do that now, since delivery of my unit has been delayed. (the chassis must be perfect before the innards are installed; anodizing is tough to do perfectly, which is the sole reason for the hold up). i have had, tho, the good fortune to audition the 1012 for many hours in my own and my audio dealer's soundroom (as i've noted before, my audio dealer is also a close friend, whom i often join in "private" listening sessions that nearly always include the enjoyment of a fine red wine--yum). i have a/b'd the 1012 with a number of other high quality dac's, pre's and phono stages. i can tell you, at least preliminarily, that the dac section of the boulder 1012 betters anything else i've compared it to in the playback of "redbook" cd's. the sonic attributes of it's line stage have been exceeded only by the boulder's flagship pre, the 2010 (msrp= $36k). i've done only limited comparative listening through the 1012's phono stage. others i've a/b'd with the boulder include the nagra pl-p and the aesthetix io. i can't give you my final thoughts yet on the phono section, but can tell you it stands up quite well to the heavyweights mentioned; each, of course, has its own sound signature that must be "graded" by its prospective owner.

BTW, i'm really flattered to be asked for my views on any product. once i've gotten the boulder 1012, broken it in and listened to it for awhile, i promise to write a full "review." -kelly
Hi Cornfedboy, I would also like to see a review on the Symbol speakers by you as I am looking for a second pair of speakers. Hate to impose but I very much enjoy your writing style.
Cornfedboy, If I send you a powercable I just made out of home depot parts, will you write a review of it? I am thinking a selling these to my fellow audiophiles. You can keep the cable, if you write a positive review. Will you please post your address up so I will know where to send.

Chstob, a review of a cable would be a waste of time for Cornfedboy. Remember, all cables sound the same because wire is wire. Thanks, Doug
Gee Cornfed, just like the paid reviewers in the rags, getting offers of free equipment for positive reviews.

I hope that was tongue-in-cheek Chris. Same for you Doug.
Doug, thanks. At least you have not lost your sense of humor, as it appears others may have. I take it then you wouldn't be interested in one of my new cords?

my spouse, who needs a new dog-hauler, has asked whether there might be someone out there putting aftermarket bi-turbos on bmw 540i wagons who would like a truly glowing review. we'd throw in a review of the upgraded sound system as well. -kelly
Conrnfed; it seems that Dekay is jealous about your sole billing in a thread. Please ask your spouse to throw him one of your dog bones. Hey, we could have serious whining on our hands-- bad time to be out of cheese too, but then cheese probably causes decay. What kind of dekays do you expect to use with that Boulder piece? ;>) Cheers. Craig
Heh cornfed I am sure I can install bi-turbos on a 540i, have you looked into it yet?(damn it I don't have anything to bribe you with) Would you prefer Hartge, MVR, AC Schnitzer, or perhaps something custom heh heh heh no the blood is flowing. I have put NO2 on a 540i sedan not too long ago and it is a rocket, do you have the sport package(equiped with a 6 speed of course)? if you don't have the sport package you would be better of with an S4 wagon with factory bi-turbos and just do a stage 3 or 4 upgrade. Well I am going to get a degree in enginering so I can build the next best thing in audio so I can spend a week of my time installing turbos in exchange for a terific review, I'll be in touch with you.....but not too soon. Best wishes and Don't drive angry :-) Tim
I did not know there were so many cornfed boy,s out there.
I was curious about the 1012 and wow all this
Chris, I would be more than happy to try one of your new power cords. Don't expect a positive review though unless you send a big check along with it as well as deep discounts on future products and long term advertising. Thanks, Doug unless you're one of the quite rare cases of male anorexia nervosa, we all be cornfedboys at the core. -kelly
I wasent trying to insult anybody out there.Apoligies to all. I try to keep things clean . If you have read all my stupid post and threads there is not one insult and this was not one.Just bad humor
I enjoy this site and do what i can and learn what i can
steven: i don't think you insulted anyone, least of all me. no need to apoligize in my book. -kelly
Heh Cornfedboy how about those turbos, I am seious I can make it happen.