Copper ic's with silver spkr. cable?

I've read a few post here were individuals are using silver ic's and copper speaker cable but to the best of my search none with this combination.
Anybody using this combo?
Pro's and con's?
Thanks and have a great weekend!
Whatever sounds best is the only thing that counts in the end, although this means there are an awful lot of combinations to try. There is no reason why you can't mix and match cables/ICs IMO
It's an excellent combo,I primarily make silver speaker cables, but all my interconnect's are copper.Silver is the lowest resistance metal,so it would work best as speaker cable because of the lower resistance involved.The low level signal's of interconnects dont benefit from the lower resistance of silver like speaker cables do.That's not to say silver isn't good for interconnect's because it really is,but if I where to mix and match I would use silver speaker cable with copper interconnect's.
I've used copper ICs with silver SCs, silver ICs with copper SCs, and currently run a mix of copper and silver ICs with copper SCs with good results.

Another thing to consider is the design of the cables themselves along with the materials used to create them. Some theories have been explained to me about skin effects, the flow of energy, etc... which I really don't understand and why certain cable designs may coexist easier when used together.

I take this all in and have experimented with different configurations, but I am more influenced by what I hear than what I read. Read the forums, and if you can afford to try a few different cables I think you'll get a better idea of what you like.

Have fun!
Absolutely nothing wrong with that if you like the end result.