Copland CSA 14 phono stage - help

I just bougth a used Copland CSA 14 integrated amp. The fellow who sold it to me was not sure if it had a phono stage. I bought the unit anyways as it was a good deal. I surfed on the web about this integrated and found out that this int amp comes with a built-in phono stage for MM loading. In the manual, it also says that it comes with a phono stage. I hooked up my VPI and to my surprise, there is no sound coming from the phono input? I opened the amp to check if there is some sort of a switch that would "activate" the phono stage but to no avail. There seems to be a phono section connected inside the amp where it connects into the rca phono input from the back of the unit but for some reason, there is no sound when I play the table. The original owner has never used the phono section of the amp since day 1 and the unit is about 7 years old. I wonder if the phono section went "dead" for not being used in the last 7 years???Anyone out there who can shed some light into my situation would be greatly appreciated. HELP!!!