Convert Infinity Intermezzo 2.6powered to passive?

Speaker gurus: I'd like to convert my beloved Stereophile Class A-rated Infinity Intermezzo 2.6 speakers from their stock "powered woofer" design, into fully passive speakers.

I have no idea whether this is straightforward! They're in minty condition, so I don't want to even begin this it's not a simple and surefire "operation". (If it's not easy/sure, I'll sell them.)

Only the woofers are powered. So I guess it depends on whether there is an electronic crossover built into the woofer's amp. (I hope it's a regular x-over, with the woofer's amp running "downstream" of the x-over. Then I can just pull the amps out, and reconnect the x-over's bass output to the woofer, and be done, right?)

Could anybody advise me? Thank you...
Just curious why you are not happy with the powered woofers?
I have a pair of the passive 2.6 Intermezzos which I am very happy with. I currently have them bi-amped : separate speaker wires to the tweeters and woofers.
Was always curious what the 2.6 powered woofer version would sound like - better or worse?
Thanks for any comments.
Usually not a good idea. Such powered parts have internally eq'ed output to make the COMBINED woofer output exact.
If you cut out the internal amp, the linearity of the output of the woofers will be compromised, probably severely
IMO they will sound like crap. At minuimum worse than they do now, with whatever limitations you now hear...

So don't do it.