Consonance 6550 tube question

Changed from a sold state McIntosh to a 6550 based Consonance integrated (Cyber Series). The loss of deep bass extension is something I would like to improve. Will switching out the stock tubes in the input and or output improve the deep bass performance without giving up any of the midrange and treble that I have come to love. Speakers are vr4 JR in a larger room. Any one with experience with this amp please offer suggestions. Phil Brady. T
While qualitative changes can be made by trying different tubes; I suspect in your case what you're lookin for will require biamping with a SS amp controling your woofers. That said: you might be able to get the results you want with different speakers. For me, I'm happy to run a sub under my 3-way floor-standers which are driven by a 6550 (currently) based PP tube amp.
Suggest you contact Stephen Monte at Quest for Sound, Philadelphia...he sells Consonance and is a tube expert....he'll be able to answer all your questions.Consonance is known as the "mcIntosh of Europe" according to Mr. Monte
Thanks for the responses. I took your advice Larryken and got a quad of JJ KT 88 tubes that gave me what I was looking for. Stephen Monte knew these would give the bass extension I was looking for. Some of the harmonic detail was lost from the EH 6550 but I am OK with that. Phil Brady.