Conrad Johnson TEA 1 phono preamp--versus TEA2SE-

Does anyone have any perspective on the above?   I currently run the TEA2SE with a step up transformer to adequately support my Dynavector X11 cartridge.

Any thoughts on sound quality and or other re the two units?

cj doesn't play games.  Each step up in their line is going to make a difference.  I have a TEA2MAX High Gain and use a Bob's SUT.  The TEA2MAX sounded noticeably better to me than the TEA2SE.  I have not heard a TEA1 yet, but feel confident that it sounds better than either of ours.
thanks.   cannot find anyone that can provide any perspective on on units with Bob's step up (which I am using) and the TEA1----

it's a LOT of money for this upgrade-------so was hoping to find somebody to comment if they had any experience in regards to same.

Guess there are not a lot of people with this phono pre----