conrad johnson mv55

i personally like the sweetness of el 34
am using jadis orchestra with clone marantz 7
to push sonus faber grand piano
so do u think the mv 55 can drive the sf grand piano well?

regards ricky
It did drive my Aerials 10t(read power hyngry)to glory while waiting for my Rogue M-150's to arrive.I have great respect for my MV-55.
thx george
so wht pre amp do u use with mv-55
If the Orchestra can drive your speakers to your satisfaction I assume the MV-55 will probably not be overly stressed. It ultimately depends on your room size, what you listen to, and how loudly. I used my MV-55 in a smallish apartment with my Thiel 2.2's, and it gave me all that the room (and my neighbors) could handle, even playing power rock music. But when I moved to a larger space in a single family house, it was underpowered and began to distort when playing solo acoustic piano at naturally realistic levels (I replaced it with 200w monoblocks). Don't specifically know about the combo of the SF's and the CJ (or how the CJ sounds compared to the Jadis), but the MV-55's output transformers are designed to work well into a 4 ohm load. This is a very pleasant-to-listen-to amp overall, just don't expect world-beating transparency, resolution, neutrality, extension, dynamic nuance/contrast, spaciousness, or control. I found the SED EL-34's to work best among current production types.
I use my ARC LS3B with my CJ MV-55.For my Rogue's M150 I recently bought the Rogue Magnum 99.
All the best