Conrad Johnson ART Pre-Amp tube rolling

Hi, I just got used ART 1 through Audiogon, trying to figure out if there is any potential in rolling the tubes to experiment different favor and performance of the amp.

Anybody can enlighten what stock tubes CJ uses on this amp? What are other tubes I can try? There are 10 pcs of 6922, must we roll all tubes in one go?

CJ used the EH 6922 in the ART circuit and still recommends them.

I'm happy with them and have also tried the JJ and Gold Lion's in there too. Didn't seem to last as long as the EH's but gave a nice presentation, maybe a little softer than the EH's.

One of my favorite 6922's are NOS Amperex's but I don't want to drop 2 or 3 grand for 10 of them as an experiment, I'm happy enough with the EH's.

I've heard of people subbing just a few tubes to change the flavor. One day I may try a couple of the Amperex and Siemen pairs I have just for fun.

Congrats on your ART.
Thanks Onemug:)

Heard that Amperex is sweet sounding, clear and good sound stage. Is this worth the investment?

What is market price of one Amperex 6922?
I've used Amperex in other preamps (that only took 2) and loved them.

Prices vary, some vintages cost more. Being there is a limited supply that keeps dwindling, if the demand keeps going the prices will continue to escalate.

Worth the investment? That's up to you.