Connect my McIntosh to what???

Need some help! I've just purchased a McIntosh C712 System Control Center (preamp), two (2) MC7100 power amplifiers and a MR7084 tuner...I have a CD changer also...I would like to run each of the MC7100 amps in the "mono" mode (each amp rated at 300 watts @ 8 ohms operating in mono)...the C712 preamp only has ONE switched AC outlet (NO unswitched AC outlets)...I thought I would be able to plug each of the amps into switched AC outlets so both amps would turn "on" when the power to the preamp is switched on...I was also going to plug the tuner and CD changer into AC outlets in the preamp...what can I do, to be able to control the amps, tuner and CD power with the preamp's power switch...thanks for any help you might be able to offer...
I would never use a switch in the back of one component for one amp, much less two amps. I think two of them would draw too much power.

Also, I am a believer in plugging amps into seperate circuits than CD players, preamps, etc. While this is not as bad as running connections from the TV into the system, it is usually better to keep amps seperate. the music sounds better. This is certainly true for tube amps, and a bit less so for solid state amps.

You can simply use a good power strip or go with a really nice conditioner.
I have mine MC7100 and C35 pluged into AC power conditioner and turned ON 24/7. I only turn them off when I leave for more than a few days. Otherwise, when I'm not listenning I just turn the volume to 0. The sound is better and no turn ON/OFF stresses, the extra power draw is approx. $3/month.
The Agon had a good thread on bi-amping:
Have you considered it - McIntosh doesn't recommend bridging for speakers with less than 8 Ohms.
Just my 2c. :)
McIntosh sells the PC4 on their web site under accessories. It lists for about $90. You can use that. I have one I use with a Monster conditioner.
I second the PC4 idea. It was designed by McIntosh for exactly your application - it even has staggered on-delays. Top quality too, of course.

I have my MC7100 plugged into the back of my C712 (great combo BTW - you will love yours, I'm sure) with no difference in sound than straight into the wall. I have compared the two ways at length and don't find any reason not to plug the amp into the preamp. The power rating of the preamp's switch is ample for a 7100.

Enjoy your great little setup! Arthur