Compare Maggie 1.6QR to IIIA

I have a chance to buy Maggie IIIA speakers, but am also considering the 1.6QR. Any comments on the pros and cons of this choice would be appreciated. Thanks.
I've had the IIIs, and just moved to the 3.6Rs. The biggest difference other than the size of the panel is that the IIIA is a true ribbon tweeter where the 1.6QR is a quasi-ribbon.
My main concern about the older IIIA is how well were they treated? As an older product (1987 or there abouts), wire delamination on the mid/bass panel could become an issue resulting in the world famous Magnepan "panel-rattle" or "panel-flap" If they are in good shape they are capable of really making magic if you have the space for them. They are about the same size as the current 3.6R. Power issues, I assume are not an issue for you if you are considering these two models. A pair of MGIIIAs used can be had for a little less than half the cost of the new 1.6QR, but the 1.6 is an incredible buy for the money new or used as well.
Examine the ribbon on the IIIs to make sure it is in good shape. Picking them up yourself is a good way to insure ribbon integrety rather than risk shipping (especially if the magnetic ribbon protection strip is missing).
Thanks for reply. This is what the seller is saying about them. "Magnepan model 3a speakers in beautiful condition. Just refurbed this past summer. Comes complete with original shipping boxes & manual (unpictured). Includes the necessary Magnepan crossovers. The speakers are in MINT condition. During the refurb process the elements were recoated with miloxane (direct from Magnepan) to insure the elements remain very pliable and "fresh". The tweeters were replaced 3 years ago even though they sounded fine." What do you think?
How much are they asking for them? Because of their age, they usually sell for about 750.00 - 900.00/pr. If you can land somewhere in there, based on what you posted, they should give you years of listening enjoyment.
The deal on the MGIII sounds good. I wonder how the speakers sound.

About the tweeters,,,
replaced three years ago is ok, but they can be damaged in a few seconds.
some people (like me) actually prefer the QR tweeter, the technology of which matches the woofer panel. Have you auditioned both?

In "can't go wrong" with new 1.6QR, but you might make a mistake with the used Maggies. If you don't mind risk, take the MGIII. Otherwise, the MG1.6.
Thanks for the suggestions and comments. I have heard the IIIAs but not the 1.6QRs. What do you mean when you say that the the technology of the 1.6 tweeter matches that of the woofer? Are you referring to the difference in age of the new ribbon in the refurbished IIIAs? Thanks
Dewhi...The "Tweeter" in the MG1.6 is just more Mylar diaphram with lighter conductors on it. Same as the Woofer except that the conductors are metal foil rather than wires and (I think) the Mylar is thinner.

In the "R" models, the tweeter is a completely different device, a ribbon transducer. Ribbons are very good, but some think that their sonic characteristics differ too much from the Maggie woofer panels.

If you don't hear a big improvement from the ribbons, save your money and stay with the MG1.6QR. The ribbons also have some reliability weaknesses that don't exist with the QR tweeters.

If you do prefer the ribbons, by all means get them. Just be sure it is because of what you hear, and not that people told you that the ribbons are better.

I've owned MG-IIIa's and now use 1.6QR's. I like the
1.6's better. They are more coherent and seamless in
their presentation. Maybe the last little bit of
airiness is lacking, but there is no shrillness or
harshness to the 1.6's which affect many other speakers
(occasionally the ribbon tweeter Magnepans). YMMV