Compare BAT VK-600 against Audia Flight 100

I am checking to see if anyone has compared the BAT VK-600 Non SE against the Audia Flight 100. I have an Audia Flight Pre and CD One and I find them both amazing. I also have the BAT VK-600 and am looking at switching to the Audia Flight 100 to have an all Audia system. Speaker that it will drive are Piega TC 10X.

Thoughts are appreciated
i have not had experience with the gear youve listed, but i do believe that like branded product synergy is real and should be considered, as the designer looks at the sound of there systems as a whole, and tweaks them from there. taking into consideration your favorable review of the audia flight products, i would lean that way. good luck.
Thanks, I have gone ahead and changed to the Audia Flight FL100 and couldn't be happier. The amp works well with the Piega speakers and the package is getting close to complete.