Comments on a Jolida 1301? Below $500 integrateds

Help, too many good integrateds below $500.00.

Since I’m living up here in Maine I choose my audio equipment by trial and error -- not too many dealers around. I’m in the market for a used or new integrated amp priced at under $500.00. I recently had a nice Jolida 1501A (sold it to buy a boat.) But now I’m looking to get an other. I was pleased with the 1501A but thought the soundstage wasn’t very wide -- But the mids and highs were just perfect!! Rich & warm, bass was fine.

I’m considering the Jolida 1301. This is just to use for the next year or so or at least until I recover from the boat purchase. Others I’m considering are Audio Refinement Complete used, Onix A60 or an Adcom 555II pre matched with a Bryston 60 LP or Monarchy SM 70 used. I’m concerned about the heat of the SM 70 during the summer time -- my set up is in the living room. Equipment; Phillips 963 CD/DVD/SACD player, McIntosh MR77 tuner, Snell EII speakers,89db. What do you think? Thanks in advance.
The Audio Refinement Complete is really hard to beat.
I like the Jolida tube integrateds a little better than the hybrids.