Coincident "Partial EclipseMK2or SL's Sonatina II?

These two speakers: Coincident's Partial Eclipse Mk2 and Silverline's Sonatina II have both been "upgraded" in the last year or so. I heard the original PE's and liked them but have not heard any of the Sonatina's. Both are about the same size,though,SL's are about$800 or more. I need some input from members who have owned either one or both of these "upgraded" models. I am concerned about the "exposed" sidefiring woofers on the PE's because I have a curious cat who may rub against them or nose them. I am also concerned that Silverlines seem to be always on the resale block....Nevertheless, Both models look like winners, but I want something that is going to be a keeper and long term. I like good bass and soundstaging and listen to classic rock, some "elevator" jazz, and big band. Soundstage magazine loved the Silverline's Sonatina II in a review from 2001. "Enjoy the Music" reviewed the PE's in October 2002 and liked them but seemed less enthusiastic about their overall performance. I like to hear from members whose opinions are often more reliable and honest than reviews. Regards, Jimbo
Never heard the PE's, but I did buy a pair of the
Sonatina II's last year. They're about a year and
a half old, so they're probably not the lastest version.
They do sound fantastic. The bottom end is clean, very
articulate and powerful. The highs are extremely
smooth, very detailed and natural sounding. The mids
is where this system really shines. It places the human
voice in your listening room better than any speaker
close to it's price range. Soundstage and imaging is
hard to beat at $2000-$2500 used.
One last comment, I own the briarwood version, the
quality and finish is simply out of this world!
I have owned both speakers and liked them both. They are different and there is, as always trade offs. Ultimatily I liked the PE II better because of the higher quality tweeter( Revelator). The highs in the PE II were much smoother, yet still plenty of detail. I felt the SL were alittle on the bright side. As the above post states the SL mid's are the best I have heard and the imagining is outstanding. To my ears the PE II bass is better, the two speakers are very different in their bass presentation. The PE's will punch you in the chest, while the SL is highly damped and has less "force".
Both are easy to drive and built quality is excellent.
Make sure you audition both.